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Websites and their types

The main types of web sites, and the purpose and structure

Decide what type of website you need

Internet websites can be placed into few types. This page provides information to help you decide what type of website that requires your company. It also identified key principles, which could be used to specify the type of website. If you already have a working website, we are convinced that it created a not without reason. Maybe you have an online company that sell its products or services. You might want to inform their existing and prospective customers about yourself and your organization to submit a training program or simply the provision of online entertainment. No matter what is the purpose of your website, a category into which it meets.

The main types of web sites

Commercial sites (e-shops) is to sell products or services online. This web site allows your customers to order goods or services without leaving home. Well-designed e-shop will help save your business time and money. Detailed traffic statistics of action, will provide valuable information in planning sales.

The representative site contains information about a person or company. This type of web pages are updated infrequently, require little maintenance. The most representative sites in the static, unchanging information about the company.

Communities websites main purpose is to exchange information. Web site, where people with similar interests communicates with each other, usually Forum. For this type of sites can be attributed to today's increasingly popularity of social networking sites. Companies from the social networking site can help attract new customers.

Recreational sites can be found in games, movies and music. Web 2.0 has opened up many new opportunities for online entertainment portals. Today, entertainment portals, online games can be played in your browser, watch movies, listen to music.

Portal provides the latest news events reviews, articles, visitors can post comments. These sites need to maintain considerable human resources. News Portals need to maintain as much effort as that allowing the magazine or newspaper.

Blogs (Blogs) usually cared for by one or more people. Designed as an opportunity to blog on the Internet, gaining popularity among companies that are trying to keep pace with innovation, and want to explore new advertising channels. Regularly contain the records of attracting visitors to the audience, you can create your own blog community of readers, which helps to promote your products or services sold.

We encourage you to create professional Web sites that attract visitors and help sell your products or services. We will assist you in selecting a suitable site for your business type, carefully prepare a project concept, evaluate the effectiveness and fully realized. Depending on your needs, we offer several solutions.